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About the Book

The Chicago River: A History in Photographs
Jonathan R. Genzen
Westcliffe Publishers, 96p. Hardcover, First Edition
ISBN10: 1-56579-553-9; ISBN13: 978-1-56579-553-2

The Chicago River: A History in Photographs is the product of almost three years of research, image acquisition, writing, and production.  Numerous libraries and photography collections in Chicago were searched for images of the Chicago River.  Professional and amateur photographers were asked to provide images that represent a modern glimpse of the Chicago River today.  A list of photo credits for images included in the finished book is provided on this page.  This book would not have been possible without the cooperation of so many artists, individuals, and institutions.
Many Chicago historians and river enthusiasts also provided valuable help in researching the river's wonderful history.  Their generosity of time, energy, and expertise have helped to make this an informative and educational endeavor.  Full credits can be found in the acknowledgements page in the book.

Photo Credits
•    The Chicago History Museum
•    The University of Chicago Library
•    The Wisconsin Maritime Museum
•    The Gerald Peters Gallery
•    The Library of Congress
•    The New York Public Library
•    Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicagoland
•    The Chicago Sun Times
•    The Minneapolis StarTribune
•    The Illinois State Geological Survey
•    Friends of the Chicago River
•    Chris Anderson
•    Marilyn Audsley
•    Paul Baker
•    Tony Dornacher
•    Bradley M. Froehle
•    Tamsin Edwards
•    Kathryn Fitzgerald
•    Denise Foy
•    Gavin Hesketh
•    Art Hill
•    Brian McCoy
•    Michael Meiser
•    Paul W. Puckett
•    David Solzman
•    Sherwin Techico
•    Michael Tym
•    Bonnie Underwood
•    Wei-Peng Yong
•    Kevin Zolkiewicz

Note: Image copyrights are held by the respective photographers.